Greater Springfield Indian Association

Holi In Greater Springfield

Greater Springfield Celebrates Holi to keep the Light of Love Burning in Hearts of people!

This one day in the whole time span of 365 days has the power to leave behind memories to rejoice and fill colour in your life.

The countdown has begun and each one of whether we are in India or abroad are waiting for this day elatedly for this day to being in colours in our life.

Not only the those who are in India enjoy this festival of colours whole heartedly but the Indian Diaspora residing in different parts of the world equally take pleasure in celebrating this festival of colours in the similar manner.

One such country, where the people of India are present in a quite large numbers, is Australia.

On the day of Holi the people here in Greater Springfield gets lost beneath the wishy-washy miasma and cloud of colourful powders.

Holi is celebrated in the Queensland for it being kaleidoscopic in nature.