Greater Springfield Indian Association


Mukesh Dubey

(Founder & President)

Mukesh Dubey who believes in him self and self motivated person.
He has been a local resident of Greater Springfield more than 12 years.
Mukesh has served many local communities and Non-profit organisations in Queensland with his knowledge and time.
Mukesh always thrives his best to do for the community.
He is a local Real Estate Agent in Greater Springfield Area.

Dr.Hema Kumar

Dr.Hema Kumar is Springfield resident and involved in Great community work.
He is always there for the local community when ever needed.
He is a Mechanical engineer by profesion with a beautiful wife and two boys.
He will be serving Greater Springfield indian association with his skills.

Chandra Shekar


Accomplished Human Resources Leader with more than 15 years of work experience in Fortune 500 compaies,high tech startups and currently contributing to community welfare in australia as a Public Service officer in the Employment Sector. Previously worked with few non profit organisations and proved my self Currently Serving our GSIA with my own Experience.

Prajakta Keer

(Event Co-ordinators)

I am Prajakta Keer. I would like to introduce myself as a responsible resident of Spring Mountain. A Software Engineer by profession, I am an enthusiastic traveler and love visiting varied places and experiencing diverse cultures. I have a profound interest in music and arts. I take immense pride in being an Indian at heart and am keen to celebrate our culture and pass it on to the upcoming generations. I will do my best to serve the Springfield Community at large.

Pramod Kashikar


Hi My dear friends, I am Pramod Kashikar
I am living in Greater Springfield area since last 14 years. I always actively participate in community activities and support different community groups

Prof. Prashant Sunar


I am Prof. Prashant Sonar working at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and currently resides at Spring Mountain. I lived in Germany (4 years), Switzerland (2 years), Singapore (8 years) before moving to Australia and has global outlook for community service. It has been more than 8 years in Australia and has been actively engaged in various Indian communties. As a young and dynamic individual, looking forward to help our community and spread culture across the wider society.